Mental Health Monday – Marcie – How To Get Stuff Done When You’re Depressed

Welcome to another installment of Mental Health Mondays. Each week, I feature a guest post from another blogger about their experience with mental health. It’s incredibly important that we talk about mental illnesses like being depressed and having anxiety. Talking about it normalizes it, and normalizing erases stigma. You can read a post about stigma here.

Today’s post is by Marcie of All The Things

~ How to Get Stuff Done When You’re Depressed ~

“I get up most mornings at 5 AM so I can blog before work. Sometimes, it’s a real struggle to wake up in the morning.  I may have gone to bed at a normal time, but still, I’m just really tired.  As the day goes on, motivation drags.  I find my routines getting blurred.  I stop crossing things off of my to-do list unless they’re very urgent.  I’ll get really lazy in the evening, and will probably go to bed early.  If I’m lucky, I’ll wake up like normal the next day and life will go on, and I’ll thank God that it was just a bad day.

Sometimes though, that next morning, I can’t do it.  When my alarm goes off, I’ll reset it to give me just enough time to get to work on time.  The day is long and hard and non-productive.  I try to focus on “survival”, did I take my meds?  That’s seems to be about all that I can truly handle.  I start to feel bad for not getting things done.  I get stressed out and everything just seems so much harder. Not only am I not crossing things off my list, I’m usually not even looking at my list.

Depression has come to visit.

Over the years I’ve learned how to help myself get through it.

A TED Talk I recently watched called How to Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed by Jessica Gimeno is a great resource I have found.  In it she tells her story of her many struggles.  She also gives three concrete steps to help yourself keep functioning when you are depressed.  She teaches us that it takes practice and we need to have a plan because once you’re drowning, it’s nearly impossible to remember what helps. You can click the link above, or watch the video here:

This is what I learned from this TED Talk:

  • Being proactive, thinking about urgency, and understanding difficulty are the three keys Gimeno speaks about in her TED Talk.
  • I need to be aware of what helps me, and have a written plan.
  • I need to be aware of myself so I notice the warning signs before I find myself at the bottom of the heap.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Even when dealing with depression. When you implement your plan over and over again, it will get easier.

  • Doing some is way better than doing nothing.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  What helps you when you are struggling with depression?”


    • Thanks for your comment, Jodie! Yes, doing something is DEFINITELY better than doing nothing. It takes small steps to get back to where you were before a depressive episode grabs hold!

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