1. Wow you have some pretty important sounding people in your life, all my friends are working at Pizza Hut or something while they finish their degrees. The way you see things is absolutely beautiful and just what I needed, I’m stuck in a job and a place where I feel like I could be doing better things. Thank you for this post and I hope your job ended up being not half bad lol

    • I’m so glad to hear that this resonated with you! I read your About page, and from what it seems like, you’ve done a lot of super cool things! If you’re not where you want to be right now, I have faith that you’ll get there. You seem like an adventurer at heart and people with that quality are meant to do great things, for sure.

      Right now, I’m substitute teaching while I’m in grad school and it’s about exactly half bad haha. The pay sucks and kids are germy little monsters but they’re also super cute and they give me hugs and draw pictures for me so it balances out 🙂

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

      • Thank you! Kids really are messy but I’ve seen them knock themselves over by sneezing so they’re pretty adorable. Also the best thing ever is asking them to come up with jokes, they make no sense at all and it’s hilarious haha, so I’m glad it’s half good! It’s hard to not compare myself to other people who are more successful or who are actually finishing university (you lol) but I’m trying to fix that. You’re inspiring though 🙂

        • Oh, that is really cute! Haha and we did the joke thing one day when everyone was waiting for their buses at the end of the day, they were hilarious! And thank you, I’ve just read your homelessness posts and they were quite inspiring too

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