1. Nice share indeed! I’ve read plenty of stories that somehow give my life some meaning so I cannot really pinpoint which one. Even so, I kinda understand how it feels.

    • Hey thanks for the comment and the RT on Twitter! I know how you feel not being able to choose one story. There are a bunch for me, too. I think everything I read changes me a little, or teaches me about myself.

  2. This is one powerful post. Thank you for writing it. Your words carry so much meaning.
    To answer your question, there are so many meaningful stories I could mention, but one of the latest ones that’s given me meaning, is the book I wrote. It’s called Into the Shadows, and it’s a YA novel about teens, spies, terrorists, and lies…it’s given me meaning because it’s the first book I published 🙂 I totally relate with what you said–now that I’ve done so, I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner (when I was a little girl, writing up story after story)!
    Thank you for this.

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