• Thanks for your comment, Jodie! Yes, doing something is DEFINITELY better than doing nothing. It takes small steps to get back to where you were before a depressive episode grabs hold!

  1. I’m looking forward to watching the Ted Talk. Thanks for summarizing and sharing. I struggle to find time to blog after work so I like the idea of waking up earlier. I think I could do that.

  2. Some great takeaways from the TED Talk. Knowing yourself and being aware of the warning signs is so important, it allows you to take action before things get out of hand. Having a plan is a great idea too, it gives you a framework and some direction when you feel lost, making it so much easier to pick yourself back up again. Great post!

  3. I think its so awesome that you are addressing mental health.
    Its not talked about much in this country. So many people deal with issues of mental health so i think its awesome ur addressi g it.

  4. How wonderful that you are addressing an issue that many face, yet are too afraid to speak of for fear of being ostracized. Great takeaways from the TED Talk too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this. I agree that having a plan is one of the key tricks, or being able to recognise when you need one. Also, the aspect of doing something is better than nothing – so very true.

  6. Great tips! I agree that having a plan helps. Also, getting SOMETHING done feels better in the long run than doing nothing. Thanks for sharing!

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