1. Ah man my freshman year of life was a long time ago!!! 20 years ago to be previse. It was a year of insecurity and fraught with worries but there was fun too!!!

    • Haha yes I will admit there have been some fun times too. Thanks for your comment! You don’t look like it was a day over five years ago 😉

  2. I cheated for my Freshman year of life (by moving to Japan so everything was new and exciting…)
    I had a similar year when I finally moved home 2 years later…so I know how you feel!

    • LOL not a cheat at all– more of a life hack 🙂 That’s amazing. Seems like you really stayed active and kept learning and growing through those years. Good for you! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  3. This is a great post! I think making time for your hobbies is one of the most important things. That’s a great piece of advice. Especially in college, because this is a time where you can really cultivate your hobbies and interest.

  4. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing. I think this is great advice even for those who aren’t in their freshman year of life.

    • Definitely, and the comparison starts so young! I work with kids as young as three and I find myself saying “you worry about you” to even the very littlest ones. That must be why it’s so hard to train ourselves not to do it, because we have been our whoooole lives. Thanks for your comment Karen!

  5. I especially agree with making time for your hobbies. I felt like I spent all my time working or trying to keep learning and forgot to spend time on things I enjoyed.

    • Thanks for your comment Kelly! Yeah, picking up my hobbies again was a game-changer. I love what I do and I love learning, but you can’t sustain yourself on just work! Glad you figured the same things out 🙂

  6. I feel like I’m still in my freshman year of life, and I’m three years out of school! I’m constantly consciously reminding myself to take care of me and stay connected to those things and people I love. I’m going to be writing about things like this in my new blog–just launched today 🙂 would love if you checked it out! Excited to follow you on your journey as well.

    • Congrats on the new blog!! I hope it’s doing well! It’s actually sort of a relief that you still feel like you’re in your freshman year of life three years later. I don’t feel so much like I’m behind on starting my life when I meet others who are in the same boat as me. Here’s hoping that this year is the year we shake that feeling though 🙂

  7. These are such great pieces of advice. I wish I would’ve had this when I was a freshman. I was too excited to finally be in college and be out of the house. I took a ton of classes that I didn’t really even need but they sounded interesting at the time and I definitely lost contact with some of my really good high school friends because of it. I’ve tried reconnecting but it’s just not the same. It’s amazing how having friends can help you through the hard times. Thanks for sharing this advice and I hope it helps other freshmen as well.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I’m so glad some of the ideas resonated with you. I feel the same way with reconnecting with people after college. No one is the same person anymore after the four years of growing and changing they’ve done, so it’s hard to connect the same way you did before.

  8. I am long out of University but I can relate and know that we need to find balance in our life at all times, no matter how busy it gets.

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