10 Etsy Shops for AMAZING Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

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Hey guys! Father’s Day is coming up a lot more quickly than you might think.

It’s only three weeks away! You need to find a gift, like, yesterday. With shipping time, and the time it takes to potentially customize your order, it can take a pretty long time to finish up! Fortunately, I’m here to take the guess-work out of the gift, so none of your time is wasted searching. I’m comin’ atcha today with 10 Etsy shops that are selling awesome, affordable gifts for Father’s Day. Even better, they’re small Etsy shops from owners who are either just getting started, or who aren’t able to do their creative work full time. You’re gonna love this!

As some of you know, Uninspired is not my first time at the blogging rodeo. Before this, I was writing a blog that was solely dedicated to helping small Etsy shops get some exposure. I loved that idea but, of course, needed exposure in order to make that happen, and I didn’t know what I was doing. So, I said goodbye to blogging for a while, until I came up with the idea for Uninspired. At Uninspired, we celebrate passion, and doing the things that we love. That’s why today I’m still celebrating small Etsy shops, because they’re all about creativity and passion.

Before we get started with the Father’s Day list, I do want to mention one more exciting thing: I’m doing my very first giveaway! Of course, it’s an awesome item from an Etsy shop. You can click here for more details, or just get your first entry by signing up for my email list right here! I promise– only one email per month, and your email address is safe with me.


10 Etsy Shops for Amazing & Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

Just so we’re clear, none of these shops have asked me to feature their products, and I’ve not been compensated in any way to do this post. This is simply a list of gifts that I might choose if I were shopping for my own dad! Now, without further ado, here’s the list of ten Etsy shops selling awesome Father’s Day gifts for under $50.

  • Teals Prairie & Co.

    • Pretty much everything in this shop could be considered a Father’s Day item. Their aesthetic is dark wood, leather, mason jars, etc. Very strong, stately, manly. All of their gifts can be engraved, which gives you a lot of freedom to put the name of your father, hubby, grandfather, stepfather, etc. You can put quotes or even pictures on some of the items!
    • This Engraved Personalized Hammer is only $20, or $35 with a beautiful looking case.
  • Le Breux

    • This shop does a lot of custom cutlery, like spoons that say “cereal killer” and forks that say “may the fork be with you.” The seller also does folded book art, though those gifts are over $50. So, if your dad is the grilling type, the eating type, or the reading type, you’ve found the perfect place to get a cool, unique gift.
    • Here’s an example of some engraved cutlery that might be perfect for the dad who likes to grill.
  • Grogan’s Mill Gifts

    • The third shop also does a lot of engraving, and says they do so for “all of life’s milestones,” which is a nice sentiment. There are Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts, and even something for pet memorials. This shop has thought of tons of ways to commemorate important events in life.
    • My favorite gift, something that I’ve actually gotten for my dad in the past, is a custom beer glass.
  • Burnt Branch

    • Burnt Branch has this cool thing that they call floating frames. They are black frames with a clear background so they sort of look like they’re floating on the wall. They can put your photos on them, quotes, and they even do skylines. They’re super trendy right now, which I know because I’ve seen similar ones at Target. So, if your dad is trendy, or if he’s the sentimental type, you’ve found your gift at Burnt Branch!
    • Here’s one of their Father’s Day floating frames.
  • Little Elephant Crafts

    • This is the shop for the dad who is celebrating Father’s Day for the first time! They have a whole bunch of very inexpensive pregnancy announcements. They all come in a tiny box, and you can get different things inside like an egg, or a bun. You know, like a bun in the oven. Super cute stuff! There are ones that look like dragon eggs, like snitches from Harry Potter– they even have sets of TWO buns in case of twins!
    • Clearly my favorite product is the bun in the oven.
  • Dune Studio

    • If you’ve got a nerdy kinda dad, there are lots of gifts out there for him, too! Dune Studio has Star Wars themed gifts that are sure to make him laugh. There are also some superhero ones!
    • Here’s a Star Wars themed coffee mug he’ll love!
  •  Dakota Expressions

    • Got a dad who’s a drinker? He’ll definitely appreciate these handmade, engravable flasks, glassware, and totes for carrying beer and wine. They also have bottle openers, mason jars, tumblers, and more!
    • One of my personal favorite products is this football shaped beer tray. It has little holes to put your drinks to keep them stable while you carry them around!
  • Family Foto Fun

    • If your dad is the outdoorsy, camping type, he might appreciate these photos on wood blocks for Father’s Day this year. They range in price depending on the size, but they’re generally between $25 and $40. Your family photos can be placed on oval shaped wood blocks, rectangular ones, or even pallets.
    • Here’s an example of one of the $25 oval ones.
  •   Lettered Whimsy

    • Let’s not forget the grandpas and stepfathers this Father’s Day! This shop has gifts that commemorate the patriarch of your family, as well as newer father figures in your lives. At Lettered Whimsy, you can get burlap prints with sweet “definitions” of the family member you’re buying for.
    • Here’s the definition of grandpa
  • Burlap N Glass

    • If you’re a long distance away from your dad this Father’s day, Burlap N Glass has a gift that’s perfect for you. Their shop sells frames with a burlap background, and they commemorate all sorts of occasions. I think it’s extra sweet of them to think of those dads and children who might be close at heart, but far away from each other physically.
    • Here’s the link to the long distance Father’s Day print.

Welp, that’s the end of my list! I hope you’ve found something absolutely PERFECT for this Father’s Day. In the comments, tell me some of the best gifts you’ve ever gotten your dad!


  1. Amazing! This seems like a great collection to find gifts for Father’s Day. I specifically love coffee mugs and finding one that goes with star wars theme is a great idea.

  2. These are all such really cute and fun ideas! Unfortunately, my dad is SO hard to shop for, and is one that typically already has everything lol. I’m just getting my dad steel toed boots for work.. kind of lame though needed haha!

    • I love it too, but I feel you on making sure you plan ahead, haha. I’m getting my dad the hammer but I emailed the seller to make sure it’ll be able to be shipped before Father’s Day. I haven’t gotten a message back yet, but I hope I do soon so they don’t lose the sale and I don’t have to write another post about last-minute gift ideas 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  3. I’ve never shopped on Etsy but have been meaning to check it out for a long time. This post gives me a push to do just that. Sounds like you can find some fun things there.

    • Oh I’m so glad!! I love Etsy. You can find literally everything there from handmade products like these, to antiques, to blog layouts! It’s a magical place 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  4. Brenda

    Etsy is always an amazing place filled with so many creative gifts and things to just spend all your money on them! I try to avoid it because I want everything!

    • Haha I can’t say I blame ya. You can end up pretty far down the rabbit hole 🙂 I hope you found something you like for a dad-figure in your life!

    • I’m so glad you found something that works!! Etsy is the best for quirky and unique things you haven’t thought of. Sometimes I go on just to browse for ideas. Thanks for your comment!

  5. I have a serious Etsy addiction and now you’ve given me even more shops to check out!! Guess that’s good though, since I haven’t even started THINKING about Father’s Day gifts!

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