• Yes, Jenna, it is so so important! At the time I felt like I was alone but looking back at it now I realize there are so many people who need help but are just afraid to seek it. That’s why I’m writing!

    • Me too! That’s what this series is about! I hope everyone who reads it can find something they can relate to so they see that someone just like them was able to get through it. Thanks for your comment Jenna!

  1. Hi, Courtney! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your struggle with depression and self-harm! Your story was certainly difficult for me to read, but it’s equally courageous and encouraging for those who struggle with the same stuff! Life is hard…but it’s so much more doable when we don’t feel alone in our pain. Appreciate you writing to that end! Keep it up.

  2. I commend you for sharing your journey with others. The more everyone speaks up, the more others realize they are not alone and that they can get thru the difficult time they are having. Your story will help so many people, thank you!

    • Courtney is certainly brave for sharing what she’s been through! But you’re absolutely right– the more people speak up, the more comfortable others will feel getting help. That’s what this whole series is about! I hope that everyone who reads it finds an element they can relate to, and they are then able to see someone like themselves who found hope and prevailed.

    • It’s sadly very common nowadays, especially among the 20-something population 🙁 But I’m glad to hear they’re doing well! Thank you for your comment, and I’ll pass along your well-wishes to Courtney!

  3. That was almost like reading my own story. I didn’t see a therapist though, luckily I just slowly came out of my shell with the help of family and friends. It is so awesome that we were able to come out on the winning end, I wish that every teenager struggling through depression could see there is light and hope. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Those are the exact feelings I hope to give people with this series! I want everyone to be able to find something in a story that they can relate to, and learn that there is light and hope for someone just like them. I’m so glad you’ve come out on the other side and are doing better now. Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. Wow. I don’t even know what to say, but I congratulate this person for opening up. I went through something similar when I was younger and still go through episodes here and there. I know I can beat it, and I will. Inspiring to say the least!

  5. Robbie doyle

    Thanks for sharing your story,many people have the same or similar story but,are to shame to talk about. I am happy your family got you help,now you can inspire others.

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